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Permanent links now available for all articles on Zendy!

Did you know you could copy article links by clicking on the paper clip icon next to the article title, as shown below?

An article snippet from Zendy.

This feature, which was only available for a few articles previously, has now been made available across all articles on Zendy! You can also share this copied link via email or on social media to let others (if they are also a Zendy user and the content is accessible in their country) easily access the link or save the link in a document for your own future use. Do note that due to this sitewide update, all links for articles that you may have previously copied are now redirecting to a new URL. 

How to retrieve the updated URL for the previously copied links?

One way is to copy the ISBN/ISSN in your old article URL and paste it in the search field in Zendy and then search using the ISBN/ISSN filter. To find the ISBN/ISSN, see the below sample URL in which it has been made bold:

After searching for the ISBN/ISSN on Zendy, the article title you had originally copied the link of should appear on the top in the search results. If the title doesn’t appear or you’re not able to decode the old URL for your title – then, no worries, just send us the old URL via our Contact us form and we will get back to you with the new URL. 😊 

Hope you find this new feature useful on your journey of discovery!

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Permanent links available for sharing content!

In the latest release of Zendy, you now have access to permanent links to records that have a natural unique identifier, like an ISBN-number or a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Just click the link symbol after the author names next to the title to copy the link. You can then share it per email or in social media to let others directly access (upon login) the article you have found.

zendy permalink

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Improved content: Author names, article details, search options

Based on user feedback, Zendy now displays author names next to the title for each article directly in the search result list.

In the expanded view, further details have also been added to enrich the records, including the DOI, author affiliations, subject categories, the journal ISSN, and more, depending on the available data.

For the search, you can now also limit your queries to several additional fields, like the journal title, ISSN or ISBN.

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Save your searches and reuse any time

Today another feature has been released on Zendy to enable you to personalise your experience. Based on the input from beta-users on desired personalisation, the ability to save the own searches was given a high priority.

This means that you now can save any combinations of search terms and filters, and reuse those search criteria quickly and easily. Carry out your search, and simply click ‘Save search’. You can save as many searches as you like, and access the list of saved searches by clicking ‘View saved searches’.

We’d love to hear from you what you think about this feature. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with us!

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Cite and export your references

All users can now easily export the reference for any of the items on Zendy in BibTeX format. This is the most commonly supported format by reference management tools like Mendeley, RefWorks and EndNote, and it is therefore very straightforward to add references from Zendy into essentially any reference management tool.

At the same time, we have also added the possibility to export references in the most common citation formats, including Harvard, Vancouver, APA 6th edition and MLA 7th edition. This serves to facilitate when creating reading and reference lists.

Both the export and citation capabilities were highly prioritized by the test users that are contributing to developing Zendy’s roadmap. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think!